The Local History Of The Kilve District

“Following a meeting at Kilve Court on January 9th, 1995, such interest was shown in the local history of the Kilve district that it was decided to instigate a collection of information, perhaps as a preliminary to compiling a more formal history of Kilve. The collection of information is being pursued under four main headings: Oral History, Pictorial History, Documents and Geographical. However, it is realised that there will be overlap, sometimes considerable, under these headings.

As the collection of material proceeds, it is planned to print booklets from time to time. These booklets would not be possible without the interest, enthusiasm and contributions by the residents of the district.”

See below for a scanned copies of the first few of those booklets, both the original facsimile page images and copies that have been automatically converted to extract the textual content (with some manual tidying), allowing it to be searched and copied as required.

Further booklets will be added when time permits